Future Endeavors For The Art of Better Programming

Looking Back

This blog has tackled a wide variety of subjects, all motivated to improve the programmer’s toolset for all their data science endeavors. For examining all of this content, check out the following link. These matters of discussion include:

  • Multivariate Calculus:
    • Vector Calculus
    • Partial Derivatives
  • Linear Algebra
    • Gaussian Systems
    • Linear Combinations
  • Coding Projects
    • Web Scraping
    • Parsers
    • Crawlers
    • Pandas
    • MatPlotLib
  • Data Modeling
    • Statistical Modeling
    • Probability and Bayes’

Moving forward, we would like to expand on much of these topics of discussion in various manners.

Current Projects

We currently have several series which have not yet been finished:

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics/Modeling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Subjects Pertaining to Linear Algebra

Future Projects

Currently, we intend to work diligently on the series which have not yet been finished, with particular emphasis on data analytics with statistics and machine learning. However, one of the subjects which we intend to expand on soon revolves around elaborating on neural networks. If you are a regular reader of this website and seek to contribute in any way, do not hesitate to reach out. We invite collaboration in all forms. We look forward to bringing this information to you soon in the future.

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